Predictive Programmer

Let’s learn the art of prediction as we make way for the future that is already here.!!


Visualize what you are doing, why you are doing and how you are doing to really answer those questions!!


Code through the examples. As there is no better way to learn and beat the things coded before!

Move Forward

In an ever evolving field a forward moving person always out weights a natural born talent

Machine Learning

What makes Machine Learning so prominent? Is it the hype? or does it really have some weight to its prominence.

Why Python?

Python’s easy to understand, fast to replicate tendency makes it perfect fit for Machine Learning, where we need to iterate over ever evolving ideas fast.

Deep Learning

Here comes the mammoth of the industry. From the iPhone’s FaceID to the AI that helps scientists find out new stars, galaxies and may be our next habitable planet, Deep Learning covers it all.

Math behind ML

It doesn’t take a genius to trust the fact that a command over Machine Learning requires intuitive and working knowledge of certain concepts derived from mathematics.

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